Discover the hay-milk cow initiative!

  • Since ancient times the hay-milk cows get fresh gras and herbs in the summer so as hay in the winter. As a supplement they receive many minerals. Hidden feed like silage are strictly prohibited.
  • But not only with appropriate feeding the hay-milk farmers their spoil animals. Also sufficient movement, cozy resting places and personal support care for the well-being and let cow hearts beat faster.

Outlet for hay-mlik cows

  • The possibility to move in grasslands and in the alps with fresh air and warming sun is good for the animal-health.
  • Our hay-milk cows are in the exercise pen or have at least 120 days nature left over the year.
  • A permanent tethering is prohibited.

Fresh water for the well-being

  • Cows need up to 120 liters water per year, so that they feel good.
  • Fresh water is in the barn or of the greenland every time easily accessible and is also in sufficient measure to disposal.
  • The hay-milk farmers are watching for that.

Proper feeding makes the difference!

  • Cows are ruminant. Theirs natural food basic are fresh grasses and herbs, which they found of the greenlandand alps in the summer.
  • In the winter the hay-milk cows get this aroma- and specie-rich food in form of hay. As complement they get mineral-rich cereal meal, which must came from Europe and also must be GMO free.
  • Hidden food like silage are strictly forbidden.

Personal care is important to us!

  • Thanks to the small numbers of animals, hay-milk farmers know the particular characteristics and preferences of their cows.
  • To make sure Hanni, Alma and Vroni feel at home, there is plenty of fresh air and plenty of space for a suitable stable climate.
  • Also a cozy berth is important, because hay-milk cows spend the half of the day with Quiet and lie.

Animal-healty we hold up

  • The healty of the hay-milk cows is our top priority. Because of that are all hay-milk farmers are members by the "Animal Health Service".
  • With professional advice from the veterinarian, the welfare of the hay-milk cows is checked at regular checks as a preventative measure.



100 % daily-fresh hay-milk - 100% GMO-free

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