Mountain-farm hay milk

100 % mountain-farm hay milk makes all the difference

The production of hay milk is the original form of milk production.  For us, the quality of hay milk begins with feeding the cows.  For centuries, feeding the milk cows has been adapted to the change of the seasons: In the summer our farmers put the cows out to pastures or the cows are taken for a summer retreat to the mountain pastures.

The meadows are mowed, the grass is dried and the hay that is gained this way is stored in the barns for the cold season.  Hay farming also has a positive effect on nature.  Mowing and grazing fosters the great biodiversity.

Our hay milk - a genuine mountain product

All the hay milk processed for our cheese specialities is collected by milk suppliers who produce exclusively in mountain areas in accordance with EU-regulation 1257/1999.

Mountain areas are areas where use of the soil is significantly limited due to the altitude and slope inclination.