Advantages of Hay-milk

  • Animal feeding has been adapted to the cycle of the seasons.
  • Haymilk cows enjoy a variety of succulent grasses and herbs, hay and as a supplement mineral-rich coarse grain.
  • Fermented fodder is strictly prohibited.
  • The original form of dairy production makes a key contribution to protecting the environment and biodiversity.
  • The more varied the fodder, the higher the quality and flavor of the milk.
  • The high quality of Hay-milk is ideal for producing cheese specialities.
  • All Hay-milk products are controlled GMO-free.
  • Hay-milk is monitored by independent, state-certified bodies.
  • The European Union awarded Hay-milk the EU quality mark TSG – Traditional Speciality Guaranteed.


“If you consider that less than 3 % of the entire milk production in Europe is produced free from silage, our alpine farm hay milk is a rarity.”