Heublumenrebell im Lager

ancient recipes - state-of-the-art technology

Our recipes are old, yet our technical equipment is very modern.  Not only do we put great emphasis on high standards in the production processes, we also invest into state-of-the-art transport and storage technology.  Since 2008 cheese maturation stores with a capacity of around 200,000 loafs of semi-hard and hard cheese have been created in Steingaden.

Our alpine dairy at a glance:

  • Milk suppliers: approx. 500 hay milk mountain farmers (of those around 120 organic hay milk mountain farmers).
  • Processed annual milk quantity: approx. 50 million kg mountain-farm hay milk (of those approx. 16 million kg organic mountain-farm hay milk).
  • Hay milk products: Hard, semi-hard and soft cheese in mountain-farm hay milk quality.