Heumilchkühe auf der Almwiese mit Berglandschaft im Hintergrund

Wellbeing Initiative for Hay-milk Cows

The right feed for the species makes the difference!

  • Ruminant-friendly feed of meadows and pastures
  • Purchase grain only from Europe

Outdoor exercise for Hay-milk cows!

  • Movement for Hay-milk cows on fields, meadows and mountain pastures
  • Permanent tethering is prohibited

Fresh water for wellbeing!

  • access to fresh water easily in their barns or meadows
  • enough water available

Personal care is important to us!

  • Small, manageable livestock - our cows have names
  • Adequate climate with fresh air and enough space for every cow

We prioritize animal health!

  • Care by contract veterinarian
  • Professional care for the wellfare of the cows