Quality of natural hay-milk

Hay-milk. The most traditional milk.

The quality of the hay-milk begins with the feeding of the cows. In summer the cows graze on pastures, in winter they are fed only with hay and cereals. The cows definitely do not find any silage-feed (such as fermented grass or maize) in their feeding troughs. This makes our cows and ourselves happy. It can be attributed to the natural feeding that hay-milk is of the highest quality, of the best taste and contains many ingredients that are beneficial to our health.

Silage feed is nothing else than fermented feed such as forage maize, grass, sugar-beet chips or similar. Milk from cows that are fed with silage may contain butryic acid bacteria. These can lead to cheese blowings and crevices in the cheese during the production of hard cheeses and semi-hard cheeses, an can turn the final product unusable. Next to this important point of product safety, silage-free milk has a significant advantage in taste.

Considering that already now less than 3% of the entire milk production within the European Union is silage-free, the daily-fresh hay-milk of Käserebellen is a real rarity. Because of the special feed for the cows the price for the milk is considerably higher than for conventional milk, however, the unadulturated taste is the reward for the consistent philosophy of quality of Käserebellen

Käserebellen set their priorities on:

  • The close connection to the milk-supplying farmers
  • Well-tried rural traditions 
  • Silage-free feed, i.e. without fermented foodstuffs 
  • Processing of 100% daily-fresh hay-milk
  • 100% GMO-free 

100 % daily-fresh hay-milk - 100% GMO-free

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