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It is for a good reason that hay-milk is called the most traditional milk. No other milk is produced in such a natural and traditional manner.

The production of hay-milk is the most natural and original way of producing milk. For centuries the feeding of the cows has been in accordance with the course of the seasons: In summer the cows graze on their meadows or spend the summer on mountain pastures. The meadows are mown, the grass is being dried and the thus won hay is stored in barns for the cold season. In addition, the hay-farming has positive effects on nature, as the mowing and grazing promotes the abundance of species.


The advantages of hay-milk:

  • Traditional grass-farming was awarded by the European Union with the EU-mark of qualitiy TSG -"traditional specialty guaranteed"
  • Feeding close to the nature trough the year: Hay-milk cows are getting only fresh grass and spices, hay and as a supplement mineral-rich coarse grain
  • The use of fermented fodder to feed is strictly forbidden
  • The traditional economy of the hay-milk farmers helps to protect the environment and the biodiversity
  • More taste: the species-rich feed increases the quality and the aroma
  • Valuable resource: hay-milk is because of its high quality ideal for the production of cheese specialities
  • All hay-milk products are guaranteed GMO free

100 % daily-fresh hay-milk - 100% GMO-free

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