"Bio Wiesen Rebell" - Organic Flower Meadow Rebel

The creamy cheese from the rebellious Alpine dairy

The silage-free diet fed to the cows produces milk containing numerous aromatic substances from the great variety of scented plants growing in the meadows. These can really be appreciated in this mild, fine, creamy cheese. Its purity and golden-yellow delicate consistency also bring perfect cheese enjoyment to the most critical palate. For this, creamy notes and light caramel make reference to the raw material hay-milk. The surface is covered with finest meadow herbs.

Semi-hard cheese
50% fat in solids
Wheel of approx. 6 kg

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Der Bio Wiesen Rebell ist mit ausgewählten Kräutern, die auch in vielen Küchen Anwendung finden, affiniert und frei von jeglichen Allergenen außer Milch.

100 % daily-fresh hay-milk - 100% GMO-free

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