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Cheese. Royally. Delicious.

In the heart of the fertile high alps (over 2,000 meters) in the Bavarian Alps which is a protected region in Europe, the farmers have ever since fed their cows with fresh grass or hay and produced cheese from their fresh milk in a totally natural way.

The place where we store our cheese for its ripening period is close to the worldwide known royal castle of "Neuschwanstein". The castle used to be the favourite residence of King Ludwig II, King of Bavaria. Thus the brand "King's Cheese" was born.

When the ripening period has come to an end, the cheese loaves are checked one by one. Only those cheeses that are perfect in quality, taste and flavour are allowed to be awarded the name "König Ludwig". This way this brand offers a guarantee of the cheese's origin, quality and ripening period of more than three months.

To enjoy a piece of King's Cheese or Beercheese is to enjoy the very best that nature provides. Today every wheel of both these cheeses is made just as it was many years ago. The only changes are those required by modern health and hygiene standards.


100 % daily-fresh hay-milk - 100% GMO-free

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